We provide a wide variety of legal services to our business clients. We represent entrepreneurs, startups, joint ventures, corporations, limited liability companies and other business organizations, in a variety of industries and legal matters. Some of our clients come to us with no more than concepts and others come with mature businesses.

For new businesses, we guide our clients through the process of transforming their concepts into an active business without losing sight of growth stages and possible exit strategies. We start the process by understanding the business itself.  We then explore our clients’ goals and concerns, map out strategies, and get our clients to where they want to go. We try to limit the business owner’s personal liability by adequately choosing the proper entity and by setting a foundation of documents that the business owner can easily follow. This process may involve negotiating contracts, developing strategies, exploring financing alternatives, considering income tax issues and minimizing risks.

We offer legal “check-ups” for existing businesses.  This could include a review to see whether they are operating in the optimal form of entity (e.g. corporation, LLC) and whether the proper internal documentation is in place (e.g. By-Laws and Minutes).  We assist businesses through transitions like the death of an owner, merger, or sale. If discussed early enough proper documents could be put into place that could ease the transition and make it appear seamless for the owner(s). Through our Three Dimensional Matrix Planning approach, we can consider legal, business, tax and estate planning considerations.

We prepare and negotiate a wide variety of contracts and agreements for our clients’ benefit including but not limited to: independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, leases, purchase/sale contracts, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, buy-sell and shareholder agreements for corporations as well as operating agreements for LLCs.