We provide a wide variety of legal services to our business clients to help them achieve their goals. We represent entrepreneurs, startups, joint ventures, corporations, limited liability companies and other business organizations, in a wide variety of industries and legal matters.

We understand the importance of practical business minded guidance whether yours is only a business concept just ready to take-off or whether you have an established mature business navigating some new legal challenge.

With a background in tax, business and estate planning we are uniquely positioned to help our clients tackle business problems from multiple angles and to position themselves not only for the present but also for the future. It is common for professionals to focus only on their area of practice. We can help our clients focus on the optimal balance of their legal, tax and estate planning goals and concerns. We call this “Three Dimensional Matrix Planning”.

New Businesses

For new businesses, we guide our clients through the process of transforming their concepts into an active business without losing sight of growth stages and possible exit strategies. We start the process by understanding the business itself. We then explore our clients’ goals and concerns and help map out strategies to get them there. We try to limit the business owner’s personal liability by adequately choosing the proper entity and by setting a foundation of documents that the business owner can easily follow. This process may involve negotiating contracts, developing strategies, exploring financing alternatives, considering income tax issues and minimizing risks.

Existing Businesses

We understand that each business is unique with its own unique issues and considerations. That is why we take the time to speak with our clients to get to know not only the immediate issue before them, but what their big picture goals and strategies are. This way we can not only solve the immediate issue, but fit that issue in with the larger picture and maybe even identify and fix other issues before they even arise, saving both time and money.

One excellent way for existing businesses to help forestall potential issues to get a legal “check-up”. Often, people form a corporation or LLC, throw their documents in a file and never look at them again. They may not know what the documents say or if they even have the proper documents in place. By having a “checkup” we could see whether the proper internal documentation is in place (e.g. By-Laws and Minutes) and consider whether they are operating in the optimal form of entity (e.g. a corporation or LLC). This could be critical in maintaining the “corporate shield” and protecting the shareholders and Members from personal liability.

Additionally, we assist businesses through transitions such as the death of an owner, gifting to family members or sale. Proper planning, with the proper documents in place, can ease transitions, reduce estate and gift taxes, minimize income taxes and in some cases, avoid litigation and even the complete loss of the business. This is an area where Three Dimensional Matrix Planning is exceedingly important.

Beyond the above we regularly prepare, review and negotiate a wide variety of contracts and agreements for our clients’ benefit including but not limited to:

  • Independent Contractor Agreements;
  • Employment Agreements;
  • Commercial Leases;
  • Licensing Agreements;
  • Purchase/Sale Contracts;
  • Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Shareholder Agreements for Corporations; and
  • Operating Agreements for LLCs.


Whether you are just beginning your first business venture or are a seasoned business person, we are ready to provide practical legal guidance on all types of business, formation, succession, and transactional matters.