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    At the Law Offices of Keith B. Baker, we make Estate Planning simple.


    Estate planning allows people to exert control over an uncertain future.  We help our clients put plans in place to help them (and their loved ones) in the event of their disability or death.  We also help them navigate through the process when disability or death occurs.

    Important issues facing our loved ones could also have a significant impact on us.  Accordingly, we recommend that people not only plan for themselves but also encourage their loved ones to plan. For example, if your parents have no plan, who do you think will be left to deal with the consequences?

    We educate, counsel and guide our clients so that they understand their options, consider alternatives and are able to make informed decisions that give them comfort.  We then prepare the legal documents (e.g. Will, Revocable Living Trust, Health Care Power of Attorney, Property Power of Attorney, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, etc.) that make our clients’ decisions legally enforceable. The documents are designed to accommodate certain unknown future events, reduce time delays, avoid problems, and take advantage of opportunities.

    A good plan will not just help your loved ones upon your death but will also help you and your loved ones in the event that estate administration is required.

    “Keith Baker helped me organize both my business plan and my estate plan. He and his team are very responsive to what I want to get out of my plans. The whole team is very knowledgeable and always willing to help.


    – Satisfied Client

    Having a plan in place can bring peace of mind knowing you have done what is needed to take care of you, your legacy, and your loved ones.

    Are you ready for us to help you tackle these issues with the personal, practical, and focused skill you deserve?

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