Our firm provides a wide variety of tax services to individuals, businesses, estates and trusts. The federal and state tax laws can often be a labyrinth of confusing jargon. We help our clients navigate this confusing world through straightforward explanations and planning. By empowering our clients with the information they need and helping them make good planning decisions our clients have the opportunity to arrange affairs to legally minimize taxes while managing their risks.

No one enjoys paying taxes but the timely filing of the proper tax returns and other forms allows you to comply with the law, properly reflect what was done, and make beneficial elections. Often, the way that something is presented on the tax returns affects the chances of getting a government notice. We can seamlessly carry the planning through to the preparation and filing of the returns. If the government needs further explanation or presents a challenge, we can respond and advocate on your behalf.

While many businesses and individuals focus on yearly income tax return filings there are countless other matters that have major tax implications that can benefit from proper tax planning. Whether it is structuring a business, a business transaction, a real estate transaction, a section 1031 exchange, a stock compensation plan, estate planning, or a multitude of other items, we can help you prepare a detailed strategy to maximize your goals and minimize your tax exposure. It is better to plan up front than deal with the consequences.

The complex federal and state income tax laws are constantly changing. Our attorneys not only stay on top of this evolving landscape but also work hard to explain the laws to our clients in a straightforward manner. This passion for straightforward explanations comes partly out of Keith B. Baker’s years as an adjunct tax law professor at DePaul University’s Masters in Tax Program.  In 2009 Mr. Baker was selected by the Illinois Institute For Continuing Legal Education to be the author of a monthly article entitled “Tax Law Explained”. Mr. Baker remains the author for this article that is distributed to Illinois lawyers.

In tax matters we represent the following types of entities:

• Individuals.
• Corporations.
• LLC’s.
• Non-Profits
• Partnerships.
• Trusts.
• Estates.

We prepare the following types of state and federal tax returns:

• Income tax.
• Payroll tax.
• Sales tax.
• Estate tax.
• Gift tax.
• Real estate transfer tax.

Whether it is the filing of an annual income tax return, tax planning for your business, or developing a strategy to minimize estate taxes we offer our clients creative and practical solutions that can look at their issues from multiple angles.